Friday, November 22, 2002

Murder Web Survey

Most Creative Murder Design on the Web
Israel Resource News Agency has decided to award Yassir Arafat and the Fateh, the mainsteam organization of the PLO, with a citation for the most creative murder design on the web.

The Fateh web site,, in the spirit of Palestinian Self-Determination, cordially asks its readers as to where they prefer to murder Jews.

The question, placed on the interactive Fateh website on November 13, 2002, following the Fateh attack on Kibbutz Metzer in which the PLO took credit for murdering a mother, her two children, a school teacher and the kibbutz secretary, is . . . (No fallacious condemnations this time either in PA Run Press)

Where do you prefer to conduct martyrdom attacks?

Option no. 1: Inside the 1948 lines?
Option no. 2: Inside the 1967 lines?
Option no. 3: Within both the 1948 and 1967 lines?
Option no. 4: Not to continue to attack at all?"

Here are the results so far, after five days of interactive murder polling:

Option no. 1: Kill Jews inside the 1948 lines: 5.80%
Option no. 2: Kill Jews inside the 1967 lines: 11.59%
Option no. 3: Kill Jews inside the 1948 and 1967 lines: 66.34%
Option no. 4: Not to kill at all: 16.26%

The Creative Murder Web Design Award will be provided to Mr. Edward Abington, the former US State Department official and 1993-1997 US Consul in Jerusalem who is now the registered foreign agent for the PLO in Washington, based at Bannerman Associates, which is located at:888 16th Street, N.W. 7th Floor, Washington, DC 20006

A copy of the Creative Murder Web Design Award will also be presented to Mr. Martin Indyk, the former US state department official and former US ambassador to Israel who now runs the Sabban Center For Near East Policy at the Brookings Institution.

Mr. Indyk gained notoriety for publicizing a falsified report on April 24, 1996 that Arafat had convened a special session of the Palestine National Committee to cancel the PLO covenant which called for Israel's extermination. The PNC did meet on that day, and decided to form a committee to consider changes in its charter. (Never Did It) The US congress had enacted binding legislation that forbid Arafat from entering the US without the necessary changes in the PLO charter. Indyk sent the White House, State Department and Congress a letter in which he announced that the PNC had cancelled the PLO covenant.

Tuesday, November 19, 2002

Smell The Roses

STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING!!! Relax and read this, this and this.

Monday, November 18, 2002

The Worst Disaster Ever

Not to make light of the listing tanker off the coast of Spain and the hundreds of people that are trying to keep the 21 million gallons of oil from spilling, but it will hardly be the "Worst Disaster Ever". Even if all 21 millions gallons of oil spill into the ocean, in a few years no one will know anything happened on the Galician coast. Unless the aftermath will mimic the Exxon Valdez scenario.

In 1989 the Exxon Valdez spilled 11 million gallons of crude in Prince William Sound. Lucky for the TV-news, weather in the Sound was clear, not the usual dense fog. Televisions were filled with aerial shots of oil stretching for miles and birds covered in oil. Environmentalists were screaming bloody murder and Congress was demanding justice. Sound familiar. Newspapers quoted "experts" that the Sound would never recover. The pink salmon, the sea otter, harbor seals and scores of sea bird species would be severly impacted, they may never return to the Sound. The Sound has been killed. A drunk captain was convicted and Exxon paid out $1.2 billion dollars for the clean up. Needless to say the Sound did recover, and very quickly.

The cleanup effort entailed an armada of ships, with all their "pollutants", thousands of people stomped around the beaches scrubbing and blasting the beaches free of oil. Three years after the spill you would not know anything happened in the Sound. Without the aid of a map there is no way to find where the spill took place. But the return to normalcy had nothing to do with the clean-up.

Oil is not a foreign substance to the planet Earth and the life that lives on it. There are microbes that process the oil. All the cleaning that people were screaming for killed everything, including the oil-processing microbes. Scientists that had been working in the area before, during and after the spill pointed out areas that had been cleaned were still sterile, devoid of life. While beaches that were never cleaned had returned to their pre-spill state. The "cleaned" land would take decades to return to the same state as the "uncleaned" beaches. Basically, the myths of "how fragile life is" and "earth in the balance" wasted $1.2 billion. It would have been smarter to leave the oil alone and use the money for something more productive.

So if the worst happens off the Spanish coast, and the oil poisons the fish, birds, seals, etc., hopefully, the money will not be spent on scrubbing the rocks with toothbrushes.

But if you want to capitalize on the hysteria, call a real-estate agent in Galicia. You should be able to pick up some discounted beach front property. Don't worry about the oil, in a few years it will be good as new and you can flip the property.

Should we ... or should we not?

Grant sent me the following opinion on the AlQaeda demands. I wonder what other folks think about the offer?

Is Alan Keys going to be back on MSNBC?

Phil Donahue is out

Isn't it a hot time for them to to ask Alan Keyes back, before they are completely dead?

I'd like to see on TV more opinions like this, or like this, or like this.