Wednesday, April 09, 2003

Who's Naughty and Nice

Saddam's statue has been torn down in the center of Baghdad. If you did not see it live on TV, you will see it replayed over and over in the next few days. The fighting has not stopped but you can imagine that many of the tormenters are going to be targeted for revenge by their victims. Some gruesome acts of vengeance won't surprise me. Eye for an eye, et al.

UPDATE: The Iraqi Info minister just issued a statement with regards to the statue being taken down in Baghdad... It is not important, an insignificant statue, the real statue is safe and unharmed. (I didn't come up with this gem, my colleague next to me did).

Tuesday, April 08, 2003


Have not been posting. Nothing really to say. Until today. I caught the DOD press conference today where the journalists flipped-out (is the best way to say it) about the US tank shooting at the hotel in Baghdad where the journos were staying. These guys and gals really took this personally, the anger was pretty obvious. I don't remember such emotion over the execution of POWs by Iraq. To somebody from outside the profession seeing this display of righteous indignation was amusing. How dare the military which is conducting a war use its military hardware in the vicinity of the press corp. Doesn't the military know that the journalists are NOT, under any circumstances, to be near any explosions. Never mind that the city is filled with flying bullets, how dare they.

Just amazing.